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 Effective & Economic Solutions Across Diverse Applications 

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From building new reactors, to providing solutions for existing operations, PyroPhase's technology and approach unlocks a limitless range of industries & applications


PyroReactors that transform hydrocarbon waste to various forms of bioenergy.

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Use of Hydrothermal and/or Supercritical water in a PyroReactor to transform hydrocarbon waste to valuable bio-oil.  Leveraging the expertise and trillions spent to separate oil to final fuels, PyroBOil will be co-processed at refineries producing a silent blend of equivalent final fuels.

Near ambient conversion in a PyroReactor to facilitate the thermophilic (heat loving bacteria) digestion of manures or sewage sludge into bio-hydrogen and biomethane.


PyroReactors extract advanced materials and valuable metals from various formats such as mine outputs, mine tailings and electronic waste

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Use of Hydrothermal or Supercritical water in a PyroReactor for the Critical REE+ Extraction, Separation, Processing (CRESP) of fly ash, mine tailings, electronic waste, and other REE rich wastes 

Use of PyroPoles to heat landmass contaminated with toxic metallic components, remediating the land by neutralizing and/or recovering those hazardous components   

Use of Hydrothermal or Supercritical water in a PyroReactor to treat mined ores to improve the recovery of valuable mined components such as gold, silver, and platinum


Impenetrable heated borders & critical materials

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PyroPoles heat the ground near critical borders to over 100°C, making such an inhospitable environment, that construction of and use of smuggling tunnels impossible, making impenetrable borders above and below the ground possible

Economic & compact PyroPoles focus directional pulses of RF energy towards threating activities, to fully neutralize, and immediately stop them.  The intensity can range from temporary discomfort used in non-lethal crowd control, to destructive enough to disable electronics in vehicles or even detonate hidden explosives.

Uses PyroReactors to provide domestic REE+ production from waste, mitigating Chinese supply chain dependence for critical defense and security programs


Delivering solutions to extract heavy crude, prevent paraffin accumulation, and upgrade low quality fossil fuels.

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Synchronization of PyroPhase heating technologies in oil/gas wells to deliver targeted heat to viscous and heavy pay zones, offering highly effective extraction where other methods can’t

Supercritical water in a PyroReactor upgrades heavy, sour hydrocarbons like bitumen or coal into light, sweet crude oil, improving the value of the oil, removing diluent requirements and simplifying the refining process

Solve wax accumulations in existing oil & gas wells with precise, targeted heat at variable depths.  A single additional pipe with a force loaded connector, creates an electrical circuit with preexisting tubing while allowing fluid flow, for an ideal and permanent wax solution

Like an underground microwave oven, an array of PyroPoles heat within the volumetric boundary of shallow pay zones. With as few as 9 PyroPoles, a large volume can be heated to economically mobilize and extract viscous resources such as bitumen, heavy oil, or kerogen.


Integrating and harmonizing the PyroHeater PyroReactor and PyroPole technologies to solve critical industrial problems and improve process metrics

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A flexible and novel wellbore heat exchanger designed to meet the most extreme conditions and demanding requirements with cost effective, straightforward commissioning. 

Viscous material (sludge) accumulates in the bottom of large tanks.  Heating will induce flow, and PyroSludge uses PyroHeater technology to mobilize and pump this sludge.

Powerful, efficient, and reliable, the PyroHeater uses any concentric piping to deliver conductive, convective and/or radiative heat, providing flexibility in design and performance to ensure easy integration into existing operations and fulfillment of customer requirements

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