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Radio Frequency Technology Heater for Unconventional Resources

A RF energy apparatus and method to heat wellbores and extract highly viscous, heavy hydrocarbons

US 8,210,256      US 8.408,294

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Configurable Universal Wellbore Reactor System

A universal wellbore reactor system & method using RF skin effect heating to convert a wide range of feedstocks, such as hydrocarbon waste, mine tailings, fly ash; into recoverable products by facilitating reactions from near ambient conditions, to well beyond the critical point of the diluent.

Electronic Defense Field

PyroPoles provide RF energy to atmospheric and subterranean domains for novel defense and border protections.  PyroPoles supply dielectric RF energy to large domains around borders to heat the surroundings, provide electric shock/other physiological effects, and detect tunnels.  Furthermore, PyroPoles may supply focused, directional RF energy to deter approaching humans, stop approaching vehicles, incapacitate electronic devices, and detonate hidden explosives.  


US 10,212,795 

Reactor & Method for Upgrading Heavy Hydrocarbons with Supercritical Fluids

A wellbore reactor & method to break down and upgrade hydrocarbonaceous molecules with supercritical water

US 10,920,152

Subterranean Heating with Dual-Walled Coiled Tubing

An apparatus and method of heating existing wellbores with RF energy with a double wall coiled tubing 

US 9,765,606

Radio Frequency Pump Inlet Electric Heater

A heater and method that recovers heavy highly viscous hydrocarbons and sludge from the bottom of storage tanks and facilities.  RF heat is delivered to the end of a collector pipe, sufficient to mobilize and recover the sludge.   

Stimulating production from oil wells using an RF dipole antenna

Positive and negative electrodes pass RF energy between them in a subsurface formation, generating enough heat to flow and extract thermally responsive resources such as oil and gas.

US 9,777,564

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