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PyroDefense - Heat and Materials for Security & National Defense Applications

Impenetrable heated borders & critical materials

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Defense & Homeland security are critical sectors worldwide, with countless billions spent each year.  Despite record funding, the world is still dealing with the toll of endless wars and the forfeiture of liberties, civil unrest, theft, drug and human trafficking, remain roadblocks to achieving local, nation and global security.   

  • Advanced weaponry and associated technologies are dependent on Critical Materials & Rare Earth Elements (REE+) that are often challenging to acquire and fully dependent on imports, leaving the most critical defense supply chains vulnerable, particularly with current geopolitical situations

  • Despite fortunes spent over the world, like the $10+ billion spent on the US/Mexico wall; physical barriers will always remain vulnerable to subterranean tunneling utilized by terrorists, narcotic and human smugglers

  • High value targets such as embassies and consulates, data centers, remote power stations and large family compounds remain vulnerable and difficult to defend, especially when resorting to lethal force would be problematic.

  • Ongoing civil unrest foments excessive use of force, and current crowd control tactics are often not effective and worse can exacerbate unrest

The PyroDefense systems provide robust methods of independence, deterrence and site-specific security without necessarily resorting to lethal levels of response. Critically, in a genuinely hostile environment, the system could be operated in a higher energy “pulse mode” to deliver devastating RF energy blasts to threats.



Permanent and impenetrable perimeter security

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Even the most robust physical barriers are susceptible to subterranean breaches. PyroBorder supplements physical barriers by utilizes PyroPoles to heaters the ground in the vicinity of the secure perimeter.  Capable of heating the ground to 100°C, the environment becomes so inhospitable that the construction and use of subterranean smuggling tunnels become impossible.  Furthermore, the attempted construction of the tunnel will change RF energy dynamics, giving PyroBorder detection capabilities as well.  The grounds massive heat retention capacity allows for robust and efficient operations under all conditions.

  • Impenetrable permanent defense: after a power outage or equipment sabotage the ground would maintain suitable temperatures for ~1 week with no power input, allowing ample time to restore operations

  • Improved energy efficiency by periodically powering the PyroBorder system, which also makes stored solar energy a viable power source – ideal for remote locations

  • Reduced capital cost by generating  power from a  few mobile RF generators to different zones



Dynamic & Mobile Security Whenever and Wherever its Needed

Under Development
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The types of threats society faces are incalculable and unpredictable.  PyroHalt is a dynamic and flexible security solution where PyroPoles can either create a deterring fringing field or provide pulses of powerful, focused, and directional RF energy to targeted threats.  The intensity of the RF energy can be tailored to the specific types of threats:

  • Crowd control:  wide range of low energy provides temporary discomfort to large crowds

  • Perimeter control:  narrow range low energy provides temporary discomfort far from a perimeter, which gets progressively more intense at closer proximities

  • Electronic destruction: high energy provides sufficient energy to destroy the electronic systems in potential threats.  Vehicles such as cars, trucks and boats can be immobilized, and the computer systems of many sophisticated threats can be neutralized.  Furthermore, IED’s and suicide vests can potentially be disabled or prematurely triggered.


PyroHalt can range in size and mobility.  Small truck-mounted units suitable crowd control by police & military to a permanent installation at a border checkpoint or other high valued targets.  Larger units can be installed large, heavy-duty trucks and ships, utilizing onboard power to supply energy to the RF generator, allowing for the rapid deployment of the defense system.

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