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Patented RF heaters and wellbore reactors for reliable, robust, economic solutions for bioenergy, oil, mining, defense & more!


The PyroHeater utilizes RF energy transforming coaxial piping into heaters capable of achieving 760°C.  Highly efficient skin effect heating provides conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfer to systems, eliminating thousands of feet of fragile heating elements, electrical wires, and connections down hole, for maintenance free reliability

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Individual or multiple PyroPoles provide  RF dielectric heat to surrounding  domains like a microwave.  Singular or multiple PyroPoles in a linear or full arrays, outputting energy around strategically placed wellbores, to heat targeted areas quickly efficiently and evenly.

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A diverse portfolio of US and global patents ensure protection for your investment


Whether just above ambient, or far into supercritical conditions, scaling complex surface reactors is a prohibitively expensive and challenging way to safely contain, homogenize and facilitate advanced reactions.  The PyroReactor is a universal wellbore reactor that leverages the laws of physics and techniques perfected over the last 100 years in the oil industry to solve the challenges plaguing advanced energy reaction technology.

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