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Applying Radio Frequency for your Reliable Future


Not just for AM and FM, Radio Frequency is a novel approach delivering heat for your demanding processes 

RF skin effect heating is the underlying technology powering the PyroHeater.  Heating via external resistive elements consumes critical reactor volume, is inefficient, and requires fragile wiring and connections that degrade over time - particularly in harsh environments.   Generating heat from preexisting and/or simple piping removes costs associated with the design and commissioning of custom/complex heating systems, while providing a maintenance free, efficient, easily controllable heater. 

The PyroHeater uses fundamentally favorable technologies to deliver conductive, convective, and radiative heat to systems and is integral in PyroPhase's approach to developing effective systems to extract energy and resources from challenging sources.  Using high-power electronic oscillators to pass high frequency alternating current through coaxially connected conductors, electromagnetic induction forms electrical eddy currents that transform concentric steel piping into heaters.  If frequency increases well above the standard 50/60 Hz, skin effect phenomenon concentrates the current flow into progressively thinner cross sections.  With the right know-how, kW's of power is concentrated into a few microns at the surface, transforming readily conductive robust materials such as OCTG steel piping into resistance heaters providing consistent outputs across the whole circuit.

Skin Effect Image.jpg

The only electrical connections and components of the PyroHeater are isolated from the system, and the heat output and targeted temperature dynamics can be optimized by controlling the total power output (kW), and frequency.  However, constant heating throughout the system is not always desirable since it could dilute the power input to preferred regions or exceed maximum temperature limits.  Strategically selecting nonmagnetic cladded segments/regions, efficiently transmits the RF energy without heating, the PyroHeater offers the flexibility to target and concentrate the delivery of energy, anywhere in the system.

Contact us for previously completed non-confidential simulation studies, or for a custom assessment, analysis and simulation of your specific requirements and data.

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