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PyroPhase's Offerings

From specific challenges to ground up revolutionary engineered designs, PyroPhase offers practical and effective solutions


Challenge Resolution

Facility Level Solutions

Transformational Technology

Have a challenge that the status quo approaches fail to resolve?  PyroPhase's portfolio of technology can offer flexible and robust solutions to specific problems that are designed to integrate within your existing operation. We will work with you on new ideas that solve new or old problems.

Whether exploiting difficult resources or reengineering obsolete operations, some challenges require an engineered, system level, top down/bottom up approach.  PyroPhase offers complete solutions to complex problems throughout a diverse range of industries

Looking to change how the world views energy?  PyroPhase's PyroHeater and PyroReactors are the missing links, bridging the gap between research and reality.  PyroPhase's economic, effective, and scalable approach will transform waste to energy, recover advanced materials and upgrade the world's low-quality fossil fuel resources.

PyroPhase's clients have unique problems that are not solved by "off the shelf" conventional techniques.  Therefore, we always perform unique analysis and deliver custom and complete strategies and solutions, based off your specific information.

  • Requirements: PyroPhase will understand your challenge and establish essential and optional requirements 

  • Opportunity: PyroPhase will assess how we can improve, operations, quality, economics, safety, & environmental impact 

  • Objectives: Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART) objectives that define project success

  • Solution: Proposals will select the most logical approach and identify, the degree of customization, required exploratory research, and associated project unknowns/risks

  • Establishment: Establishment: project development plan, technical approaches and risks, preliminary cost, projected performance, and the sequence of activities, milestones and timeline.

After client approval, PyroPhase will complete front-end engineering and design work to establish a high-quality process and required engineering documentation.  This will solidify the project requirements for final engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction of deliverables, providing a ±10 percent project cost estimate.​

  • Develop the engineering design packages that can be used to bid a lump sum scope and/or provide the foundation for the detailed engineering phase

  • Evaluate options, innovations and improvements that will improve the performance, quality and return on investment (ROI)

  • Prepare cost estimates for scope definition and for project funding​

  • Conduct SIMOPS reviews


Need help assessing a problem?  PyroPhase can help - and your first evaluation is free! 

Technical Consulting

Tap into the expertise of PyroPhase and our partners.  We can offer unique insights to complex challenges, recommend solutions - even if they aren't from PyroPhase, and provide insights on industry and market trends. 

Advanced Simulations

With COMSOL MultiPhysics, PyroPhase can run complex simulations to predict process performance without expensive and time-consuming lab testing.  Inquire about additional simulation capabilities and software from PyroPhase's partners.

Industries Served

PyroPhase technology can be utilized for multiple energy, chemical and processing sectors.  PyroPhase and partners have specific and extensive background in hydrothermal/supercritical reactions, RF skin effect heating, and the oil and gas sector, including the design, construction, commissioning, operations, and common challenges of oil/gas extraction.  PyroPhase and partners bring further technical background and experience in offshore oil/gas extraction, mining, separation/processing of REE, oil refining, agricultural, and wastewater treatment.

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