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Current Projects

A driven startup currently developing, simulating and demonstrating technology

Pilot PyroWell

PyroWell Pilot 2.jpg

PyroPhase has begun joint ventures with several oil companies who have shallow heavy oil resources that they are unable to produce with conventional means. We are actively looking for heavy oil opportunities nationwide to deploy the PyroWell solution. Domestically produced heavy oil is needed by refineries designed to handle it, especially in the gulf coast where they geared up for Venezuelan crude that’s unavailable now. Fracked oil is too light to use for diesel and jet fuels. Our optimum JV has heavy in the 200-300 ft deep range with a payzone of 40-60 feet. Please email for more information.

Advanced Simulations & Engineering 

PyroPhase is currently performing advanced simulations on the PyroReactor for its subsequent applications, with COMSOL MultiPhysics.  This will confirm and optimize the design, allowing for the Front-End Engineering Development to commence.  In addition, for selected clients, custom simulations may be performed that involve heat transfer, heat flux, time domain integrals, and more.

Comsol PyroReactor.jpg
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